Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Albert St. Weezi Studio is Closing March 30th

Hello Pussycats!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Weezi studio
on Albert St. will be closing its doors for good on March the 30th.
Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the studio must close
but the foremost reason is that Milos & I are moving out of
our current location. It is time for us to move forward and 
leave Richmond Row behind.
I am thrilled to bits to be moving to a quiet and tranquil little home
away from all the craziness down here but I am also very
sad that it means I will be closing the studio.

So, that is the bad news.
The good news is that Weezi will continue business as per usual online
thru my Etsy shoppe and my .com
 I am not closing down Weezi as an entity, 

I am just closing the current studio location.

For my local Pussycats, you can still purchase 
 some Weezi goodies at the Bag Lady located at 474 Pall Mall St.
 as well 
as in the vintage vending machine at Pub Milos.
You can shoppe online and we can easily arrange for us to
meet and you can pick up your purchase in person.

The last day in the Albert St. studio will be
Sunday March 30th from noon until 4:00pm.

I will continue on with my sale 30% off of all Weezi dresses & skirts
for the month of March.

We will still be able to easily communicate and you can
find updates & get in touch with me

thru FaceBookemailTwittermy blog and thru these newsletters.
When it is all said and done, I am not leaving I am just evolving
and carrying on businesses in a new way.
Retail is changing. How we shop is changing and it is prudent
that I am able to be flexible and change with the times.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your support,
kind words and patronage 
over the years here on Albert St.
It has been a wonderful 
 journey and I couldn't be happier
to have known and spent time

with all of you who have come up and supported me.
I truly hope that I will be able to see you again after I have
moved and we can continue to
"fight the good handmade & local fight" together.

Hugs to you all!!! Luv Weezi xo

I have listed my hours for March on the calendar below.
I will be closed Monday-Wednesday.
Open Thursday-Sunday Noon til 5:30 for March however
I will be closed Sunday March the 2nd.

PS- If you have any questions, please feel to email me:

Friday, January 31, 2014

This Week's Thrift Store Finds :)

Helllu Pussycats!!

It is not a secret that I am addicted to
thrifting and the thrill of the find.
I hit up the local shoppes once a week
and I am almost never disappointed.

This week was no exception! I found some
wonderful gems while shopping with my Mum :)

1. I am very much into vintage floral needle work.
This little gem is a beauty!

2. Call me a nutter but I can't pass up covered hangers.
Pretty AND practical :)

3. I obviously couldn't resist these adorable little tulip earrings.
*as if I could leave them there!*

4. Q. How many multi strand necklaces can one gal have?
A. as many as she can find! :)
( this pink 5 strand beee-ute was a total score! Mum had to keep
the other ladies from fishing them out of our cart!)

5. Sweet little rhinestone brooch will be perfect for spring
( if spring ever gets here mind you!)

6. Yes, you have seen correctly! An Anne Hathaway cottage
tea cup & saucer set in Stratford upon Avon :) 
Weeeeee! Tres happy about this find as we were there in Sept.

7. Smashing blue single strand had to come home w me bc it 
matches so well with the wee brooch :)

I am very happy with my finds and I can't wait to
see gems I find next week!

Have a great night Pussycats!
Ta ta for now! Weezi xo

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Introduction to Mineral MakeUp Foundation and I Didn't Break Out :)

Helllu Puusycats!

Hope everyone is having a good & warm afternoon out there!
Today, I would like to share a face product that I have had great success
with. I have been very pleased with its results and thought I would pass
the info along incase it can help any of you.

I have written posts about my struggle with acne and the changes I have
made recently to try and help clear as well as better my skin. I have struggled with acne
since I was 12 years old and it has taken its toll on my self esteem, my
bank account and of course my skin. After years of struggling and feeling bad 
about how I looked I decided it was time to try something different.
What I had been doing all along and all the products I was using weren't
working, that was clear. So, in an effort to go at my acne issues from a totally
 different angle I had to step out of my comfort zone.
( if you have just found me and would like to know more about what
alternatives I have been using please click here to read more)

One of many things that I needed to changed was my time spent
 in the sun. As a teenager and into my 20s I often used the sun as a sort
of antiseptic. It would dry up my acne and it seemed to cleanse my skin. Despite the heat, 
dirt and sweat the summer was often the best time of the year for my acne.
I didn't question this for many years until one summer we went camping.
 Half way thru the weekend I had deep, large cysts that were very inflamed.
 The more I was in the sun the more blemishes I got and the angrier my face became.
I was confused. The sun should be helping. What was going on??
It took me a few weeks to put two and two together. After 
a couple other "tests" in the sun I realized the sun was no longer a friend to my face.

However, my issue now was what to put on my face to prevent further damage?
I couldn't use sunscreen!! That would be like throwing gas on a fire or so I thought.
I was terrified that any sunscreen would be too heavy and too greasy.
 It would definitely make me break out...wouldn't it???
It took me a long time to get brave enough to try one designed especially
the face. I was super scared but I eventually tried and I didn't break out....*big sigh*

Staying out of the sun was a huge relief to my face and began to buy all my
make up with SPF in it which was good but still not a miracle cure
by any means. I was still having the same issues with cystic acne, 
suspected rosacea combined with a dab of good old fashioned chin and forehead acne.

One day I was commiserating with my friend Tricia about adult acne.
It did everything to make us feel NOT very adult but more like 13 year old girls.
It was that day she told me about a new product she found and was having success with.
It was a foundation that had a 50 SPF and it was a mineral makeup. She thought it was
great b/c it wasn't too heavy and she'd worn it into the sun and had no problem.
She had been out playing in the backyard w her kids one afternoon and then thought
"Oh, jeeze I am gonna pay for this!" but when she went in her face was fine
and still had some coverage.  She said the best part was that the mineral make up
 sat ON your face, not IN your pores. I was intrigued and she did look great! 

I had heard about mineral make up and read a lot about the benefits of it on many 
rosacea sites. Everyone raved but I was unsure. Was it really that good? How could it
be that easy? Why wasn't everyone using it and screaming about it if it was so great?
Clearly, it had been of benefit to Tricia so I thought I should give it a go.
I was after all on a quest for better products.

So, the next day I walked down to the Shopper's and tentatively looked around
until I found it. I was looking for Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50.
It retails at Shopper's for $39.00 plus tax

The lovely sales girl explained to me that there are only two shade choices b/c it
fades into your skin tone and you don't need to match like traditional foundations.
She told me to put it on after my moisturizer and if I want to, I could use
my pressed powder or other concealers after that.
I still wasn't 100% sure but I was on a mission.

When I got home and opened it up I was surprised by how light and creamy it was.
I thought it might be more greasy and heavy.

I put it on as instructed and was impressed right away that it did indeed morph
into my skin and "match" my colouring. I didn't need a lot b/c it
 clearly covered very well on its own.
It was light and didn't feel heavy or thick at all.
Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad????

Because I am a bit neurotic, I waited all day to break out.
Hahahah! Sad but true!

 However, I did not break out. In fact, nothing bad happened at all.
I got thru the first week ok, then the second. Who knew?
The best was, I really could go out in the sun and not suffer the usual ramifications.
It was protective and helped conceal my redness and acne.
I was converted! Hurrah for mineral makeup!! Hurrah for trying something new!! :)
I realize that mineral makeup has been around for a long time
and I am slow on this band wagon...but I was nervous!

I can't tell you how happy I was that it was a positive experience.
It really did help give me confidence to try new things that might help my face.

I realize that it won't work for everyone but it maybe this post can help
give you the information that might help you decide if it might work for you.
I really hope this post can be of help to you :)

Take care, Luv Weezi xo

For those of you that have just found me, I have been searching out and using products
that have little or no chemicals in them. Chemicals certainly have not brought me relief in 
over 20 years of acne troubles so I have decided to be brave and give them up.
Since the fall of 2012 I have been using natural and homemade products 
and have to say, I am seeing some great results.
There are no easy answers or magical cures when it comes to acne but it is always nice
to see some positive changes and results that seem to have lasting effects.

I have long tried to use as many cruelty free products as possible.
These days cruelty free choices are endless, thankfully!! I have made it my personal
mission to use only cruelty free cosmetics as well as those with limited ingredients.
 At the end of the day, I would rather have acne and 
breakouts then have the suffering and agony of helpless animals on my conscious.
I want to look nice, but not at the cost of innocence.

( please note: I paid for this product, it was not given to me. I am not in any 
way affiliated with Avene. I am offering up my own opinion based on my personal experience. )

In Canada, I bought this make up at Shopper's Drug Mart.
I like to buy products from them when I am first trying something out
 b/c they have such a great return policy. If you give it a go, I hope you find it helps you too.

Until next time, hope everyone has a fabulous day!
I know it can be hard but try & remember that the acne
doesn't define you and most of all you aren't in this alone xoxo

Monday, November 04, 2013

My Long Battle w Acne Is being Tipped in My Direction...Fingers Crossed

Helllu Pussycats!

I like to think of myself as open minded about a lot of things but when it
 comes to products I will use on my face these days I am the furthest 
thing from adventurous. I have been dealing w acne in various forms
and in various degrees of "horribleness" since I was 12. I have tried 
many bottles and tubes with claims that were blatantly false
and in some cases, borderline ridiculous.

Anyone who has suffered from acne knows that great feeling of potential when you
 purchase a new product. Then, there is that heart sinking feeling you get when you
 realize that the promises made were not to be realized
After loads of money, wasted time and an unfortunate lack of self esteem I came
to the realization a few years ago that I need to make changes in how I
approached my skin care. I needed to listen less to marketers and more to 
my own body. 

One great challenge for me was to give up on "conventional" ideas about acne
and skin treatment. Cortisone shots, horribly drying creams and 
terrible antibiotics had to be a thing of the past. They didn't work in the
long term. They may have had some short term success but at what cost?
It was time to be brave and try a few new things.
More natural and less chemicals was my new mantra. What did I have to lose?
Still, I was terrified as I threw out my Aveeno face scrub.

( Can I just mention that for those of us w bad skin trying something 
new on our faces can be like going a first date. It seems like a good idea, 
exciting, fun and new. But in reality, it is scary as hell! You have no
idea what you are going to get, if it will work out and what the result
will be. You don't really know if the two sides can get along and if there
 will be baggage. New is terrifying b/c it can takes weeks to undo any 
damage that might be done. That is a fact. Bravery is required)

This was my before picture.

I realize I that there are people out there that have worse acne
then this. I understand that it can always be worse and my heart goes out
 to the women who deal with severe acne because it is devastating.
That is why I am sharing. I hope that in some way sharing my story and experience
 can be of some help to someone. Acne really takes a toll on your self esteem.
If something that I do helps and brings a wee bit of relief to another
acne suffer...then it was well worth the share!

This was last February and it wasn't the worst day I had that month
but it was the worst that I was willing to share online. 
I was nervous enough sharing this photo, let alone anything worse!
 It was scary to show the world how bad my skin could look. I spent so much time
 piling on the make up trying to hide the blemishes not show how bad they were!
I had to constantly remind myself that my acne wasn't my fault and I 
hadn't done anything wrong. So hard NOT to blame yourself!!
Time to stop worrying so much and take action.

I wasn't 100% sure where to start but I knew that the health food
store would a good place to start asking questions and doing some research.
I explained to the gal there what I was doing and why.

She showed me a few things and we talked about options I could start with.
I took the plunge with Derma E products and it was indeed a good, safe place to start.
I found the cleanser to be gentle and the vitamin e cream was very soothing.
Ok....*phew* my face didn't get worse and nothing bad happened.
To be honest, from there I took it slow and didn't try a whole lot
of new products at once. I kept things fairly mild and tried to go
at my skin care from a "healing place" instead of a "scrubbing/harsh place".

It has been about a year since I started on my journey to help heal and
soothe my face and I have to say, that I am very happy with the results.
It has been a long year with ups and downs of course but overall I
really feel like I have made progress.
This is the post I wrote as I begun the process of trying to figure
out what on earth I was doing...cause I really had no idea
what I was doing ;) Hahaha!!

The good news is that my patience and bravery seems to be paying off because
something good is happening and my skin looks the best it has in years!
 Each day that I continue to see a mostly clear face in the mirror and it
makes me so happy that I took the chance and changed my approach.

This is all I use now on my face now with the addition of honey.

Here is a synopsis of things I have been doing differently in the last 12 months:

#1. Derma E cleanser using only baking soda occasionally as an exfoliate

#2. Handmade charcoal cold press soap from Spoiled Rotten
--->I switch it up my other cleanser every other month.
So, one month with the Derma E milk cleanser the next the charcoal
I think my skin gets complacent with one cleanser so this keeps
my skin from getting used to one cleanser. It is a working theory ;)

#3. Rose water that I bought at an Asian supermarket or
Thayers rose petal and witch hazel toner. Again, I switch these monthly.

#4. Freshly squeezed lemon juice (keep in the fridge) applied as a toner
after I wash with the cleanser.

#5. I used honey for spot treatments. Yep! Just honey...unfiltered organic honey.
I put some on the blemish and leave it there for a couple of hours during the day
or at night after my bath and I leave it on all night.

#6. I use a homemade moisturizer from Erzulie Natural Cosmetics that
I found on Etsy. I did some reading up on ingredients that I wanted to see
in my moisturizer. I thought, if I was going to make my own moisturizer
what would I put in it?? What did I NOT want in it??
Armed with what I thought would be the best ingredients, I did a search for
some reputable homemade skin care lines.  I chose the Ultra Hydration Lotion.
The reviews were good and I thought.....
"Well, I've used a lot worse things on my face. How bad can trying
a complete unknown be?"--> I was glad I did! I really like it.
Super moisturizing but not heavy. I used it all winter and spring but switched
 back to the Derma E moisturizer for the summer because it is a lighter cream.
The Ultra Hydration isn't greasy or thick or smelly. It is absorbed
very well and really feels good on my face. I have had no adverse
reactions to any of her products and I have gone back and purchased a few :)

#7. I take a 25mg zinc supplement everyday.
I am no expert but I have used zinc in the past and it has helped.
I stopped for a long time because it made my stomach upset but
I have since gone back to it and now know better and take it with dinner.

#8. Instead of rinsing my cleanser off by splashing it off with warm water in the sink,
 I have been wiping it off with a washcloth. I think this way, I really get all the soap off.
I had a feeling that I wasn't completely rinsing it all away with just the water.
I had a running theory that I wasn't rising my face thoroughly and leftover
cleanser was clogging up my pores. Again, it was just a hunch and I was trying to
problem solve the best I could and fix what mistakes I thought I might be making.
I use a fresh washcloth every time. I also like that the washcloth can act as a
a bit of an exfoliant. I pat dry with a clean hand towel that I only use for my face.

#9. Now that winter is almost here, my face will get a bit drier so I will go
back to oil cleansing 3 times a week as well.

I never did give up other cleansers and use the oil cleansing full time.
I did use it about 3 times a week at night before bed and found it
very soothing and helped with the weird spotty dryness.
I didn't re-wash my face the day after I used this before bed.
I just wiped my face with the toner and applied moisturizer.
I didn't want to over wash...which I used to always do and that is killer on the skin.

#10. I have started making a yogurt and fresh fruit smoothie 3-4 times a week.
I am not a fan of yogurt and most fruit makes my stomach hurt
so the idea of mixing them seemed most undesirable to me.
I was hoping for more of a "cheese-potatoes-lots of starch* solution Hahah! ;)
However....*throws up hands* what can I say??
You do what you have to do and to be honest, they are pretty tasty when done right.
My stomach is happier AND so it seems, is my face :)

Lastly, I have been power walking again. I haven't done much
exercise in the last couple of years. I try and then get bored and lazy.
My waistline and face paid the price.
I got myself a used treadmill and made a promise to get on it 5 times
a week. If I am on it 20 minutes or is something and something is
better than nothing. I watch TV while I walk and before I know it
45 minutes has zoomed by and I feel quite proud of myself  :)
I am not sure if I have lost any weight but I feel better.
Better face and better disposition is a win win for sure!
Not to mention the cute new running shoes I treated myself with ;)
Hahahahah! I needed to motivate myself somehow!!

Now for the "after" photos.
I used some mineral makeup to help reduce a wee bit of redness and I am looking
much better than I did a year ago. The best part is that my face FEELS so much better.
The redness has gone down. I still get small blemishes but I haven't had any
hard cystic blemishes since end of last winter. The blemishes that I do
get are manageable and most only last about 7-10 days.
I think about half of those are hormonal and I can live with that.
It is SO nice to have a face that doesn't hurt!
 I am happy to look better but I am even happier to feel better- Hurrah!!

So there you have it. So far so good!
I am thrilled with the progress I have made over these
last few months. I am really glad that I took the plunge, did my research
 and made the switch to much better and healthier products.
Fingers crossed that this clear skin will continue for me.

I hope there is some helpful stuff in there for you Pussycats that also
have acne issues. There is no magic cure and certainly no magic acne potion.
I have learned that the hard way for sure! I hate that I fell for all the hype from marketers
promising me clear beautiful skin that would never come.
I am very happy however that I finally got frustrated enough to put a stop to it.

My hope is that by sharing my new routine and the products I am using
will also help you on your path to better, healthier and soothed skin.
My wish is that we all can make positive changes in our lives that make us
feel good about ourselves and help us to live a fulfilled and happy life :)

Next Monday I will start a series of posts sharing some of the make up
products I have been using and had success with.

Take Care Pussycats!! Luv Weezi xoxo

BTW- I purchased these products on my own. I am not affiliated in any
way with any of these companies. I am just one gal problem solving her own
acne issues the best way she can. I have no acne or skin care expertise, just
my own experiences with product trial and error.

Please do not try and sell me stuff or solicit your product here.
This blog is for me to share my expediences only.
Any attempt in solicitation will be blocked and banned, just so you know. 

Friday, November 01, 2013

Hem a Skirt at the Waist- A Tutorial :)

Helllu Pussycats!

This post today is another clothing alteration that I thought
might be useful to some of you.
You see, I am always having to alter my clothes because
I am short. Not just kinda short....I am quite short.
For arguments sake let's say I am 5 foot tall.
That is my story and I am sticking to it :)

I have always been sort of tiny...not slight or slim but short
and small. I didn't get the super cute, pixie genes.
I got the "short-kinda stocky-big thighs-thanx to my Ukrainian heritage" genes ;)
I often forget that I am short until I see my reflection in a window.
I am like: "Oh yeh, I am not 5 9"..damn!"  Hahahaha!

I also forget that I am short until I go shopping for clothing and
then it becomes painfully obvious. Gaaaaa!
Everything needs to be hemmed and shortened.
I often lose so much detail on sleeves and hems b/c I have
to cut everything off. So annoying :(

Skirts can be especially troublesome if there is some lovely trim
around the hem. I have a little trick I use if I can, to salvage the hem.
I "hem" the skirt from the waist :)
It is easy to do and usually doesn't take too long.

I found this pretty cotton skirt at the GoodWill and knew it would be a good
candidate to hem from the waist.
I pulled it up to where I wanted the hem to sit, turned the
waist over and pinned it down.

#1. I measured down from the top of the skirt how much I need to cut off.
I don't need to add seam allowance to the top b/c I am going to use seam
binding to finish off the waist.

#2. I am not going to keep the belt loops b/c I won't wear anything tucked
into this skirt. Make sure you mark evenly around the front and the back.

#3. At this point I carefully removed the zipper.
 This skirt is lined so I pinned the outer skirt to the lining and then basted
around about 1/4" from the edge. Then cut on your marked line to
remove the excess at the top.

#4- #6. At this point you will need to open up the center back to make room for another zipper.
*** At this point try the skirt on again and make sure that it fits as
snug around your waist as you like. You may find it a bit loose b/c we cut
down close to the hipline. If you need to take the waist in a bit, you can
 do this at the center back. Fold under the excess at the back, press and
 trim leaving 1/2" seam allowance. See here if you need more help w this.

You will need an 8" skirt zipper so make sure you have an 8" opening from
the very top of the skirt down. Backstitch at the bottom of the opening to the keep
the seam from pulling open on you. Next, line up the lining and the outer skirt at the
center back and stitch the two layers together about an 1/8" in from the edge.
Give it a good press to try and iron out old stitch marks.

#7 & #8. Next you will add seam binding tape to the raw edge. It just folds over the
edge which is why you didn't need to add seam allowance at the top.

#9. Leave about 1/2" edge at the center back on each side to be folded
under when you put the zipper in.

 #10. Pin your zipper in making sure that your edges meet nicely in the middle
and that the top edges are even as well.
Again, you can check here if you need more info on this zipper application.

#11. Give it a good press.

#12. Ta da!!! You are done! :)

You can see in the first pic that the skirt sits nicely where I like it. You can also see
that I need to wear undies that sit higher and not create a line under my belly button :)

The second photo shows the skirts now falls just above my ankles...perfect!
I didn't lose any of the lovely frill or detail at them hem. Hurrah!! :)

This is easy and doable for beginners. Just remember to go slow
and always double check before you cut.
If you make a mistake, don't fret...I still make mistakes all the time!
If you have any questions about this technique please
feel free to ask.

Take Care!!
luv Weezi xo

Friday, October 11, 2013

What Was Going on in the Weezi Studio This Week :)

Hellluuuuuu Pussycats!!
Hope everyone has had a lovely week :)
It has been a busy week here in the Weezi studio.
I am really getting into high gear getting stock ready for Christmas.
Yes, I know ...I said it. 
The sad fact that is that in retail we have to start preparing in July for
the big holiday. As per usual I am behind. Hahahah! No surprise there  ;)
I have been sewing away, making soap ( it has to sit 4-6 weeks before
it is ready to be labelled) and listing things in my Etsy shoppe.

Here are just a few highlights from this week :)

1. Aprons sold online and being shipped out to the US and as far away as Norway :)
(I still get a thrill when I get to ship something out far away. It never gets old!)

2. Lots of new aprons in the studio and to be listed online in my Etsy shoppe next week.
Star Wars or Star Trek apron anyone??? 

3. Getting ready to assemble fall rings.
These will be available both in the studio and online.

4. Gloria and the Hula Skirt Chicken post a bunch of their UK bus trip pics.
These gals know how to have a good time ;)

5. Making up loads of cold process soap. This week was Blue Raspberry, 
Midnight Pomegranate, Jasmine,White Wisteria and Japanese Cherry Blossom. 
Smells soooooo good in here!

6. Putting together bobby pin sets in darker colours for the fall.

7. Sleep masks with flannel or fleece backs now in the studio to keep
your eyes cozy and shielded from the light this winter :)
ps- these are also available in town at The Bag Lady.

It was a most enjoyable week here in the Weezi studio this week.
As much as this time of the year really gets hectic, it is also a great time for
creativity and making ideas come to fruition!
I am super excited to be listing and sharing all the fun new items
that I will be rolling out for the holidays. It really is a great time
to be making handmade :)

Have a wonderful weekend Pussycats!!
Take care, Luv Weezi xo

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Fabulous Loot I Brought Home from the UK

Hellluuuuuuu Pussycats!

I am not a big fan of travelling light.
I know there are lots of people who do like to carry a small
bag and take only the necessities and I realize that part of it is, how
you are travelling. If you are backpacking around Europe and have to carry
everything with you every day...then yes, light is better.
However, I am definitely not backpacking! hahahah! 

My philosophy has always been, "if it fits" goes :)
When Milos and I go to Prague to visit his Mum, it is just a matter
of getting the suitcases to the airport. We may have to pick them up
and move them from airline to airline but all in all my luggage
issues are over once I check them in.
Then, they started cutting down on how much they could weigh. Bummer.
This kinda put a kind of "kibosh" on "if it fits it goes!" 
Here is my thing...when we go away it is my chance to kind of dress up
and have fun with my clothes. I get to plan outfits, match shoes, accessories etc.
I work in my own little factory here at home and don't get out much,
so you see, this is why I like to take a lot with me. For fun!
To dress up and feel like I actually know what I am doing w my own wardrobe. 
I dress you guys up...when we travel, is my time to have fun with clothes.

So, when my Mum and I went on our UK bus trip in September
I knew I would have a packing dilemma and let's be honest here, a mother
daughter trip means shopping and lots of it :)
I knew I needed to take comfy and practical clothes and I also knew that I needed
room to bring home all the loot I wanted to buy, especially at Cath Kidston.
Solution??? Take things with you that can be left behind thus creating room
for new stuff along the way :)
Yep! In preparation I shopped at thrift stores and bought cheap and comfy
clothes that I knew I would leave behind as the trip went along.
It worked like a charm! I came home with fun souvenirs that I was thrilled
with and we were both under the allotted weight allowed! Hurrah!
I don't know how we did it but we didn't have to pay any overages :)
My suit case coming home looked completely different inside then when I went!
I left behind, pants and jeans, a coat, old sneakers, tee shirts and sweaters.
I threw out all my underwear, socks and washcloths  as we went b/c I just took the old
stuff that didn't need to come home with me.
I highly recommend this system :) 

Here are a few things that I picked up along our trip.
I tried to find/support handmade and local as much as I could.
Because we stopped in a lot of small villages supporting local was easy.
Finding handmade was a bit of a trick I have to admit. I picked up many a
wool sweater drooling over the details only to find it was made in China.

It was disappointing to say the least and yet another reminder of how
"global" everything is and even that gorgeous Shetland sweater is being shipped in.
I want a Scottish Shetland sweater made in Scotland by a lovely Scottish lady. 
I can get Chinese made sweaters at home. * sigh*
 It is SO important to support what small biz you can especially while on vacation.

Okay how perfect is this? My two favourite things!
A kitty  wearing cats eye glasses. I HAD to get them!
They are from a UK based company called Louche. I found them in Stratford-upon-Avon UK.

**I found this amazing kitty ice cube tray at The Cat Gallery in York UK.
**This amazing print of a very cute kitty is by Alex Clark

**I could not come home w out a waving Queen! How great is she??? 
Bought her at Pylones in Chester UK. This shoppe is so much fun! 

**I could have spent a small fortune in the gift shoppe at the Tower of London.
If there was no weight allowance on the suitcase, it would have been full of books and trinkets.
I showed restraint but I did get these coasters of The Wives of Henry the 8th.
I am going to frame them or do something else w them  b/c they are paper thin and won't last as coasters.

**It isn't a trip to London until you bought an outrageously expensive pen at Harrods ;)
  Hahahah! It was only $10.00 

**The little blue watch was adorable and has a magnetic band. My Mum and I both
got one at Paper Chase in Chester, along with many other things ;)

**Like Harrods, I had to hut up a Boots for some lovely Yardley perfume :)
I luv this stuff no matter if some "people" think it smells like old lady!
**The Miss Dior purchase was made at Heathrow. I always succumb to duty free perfume.

**I found this gorgeous ring in the quaint village of  Grasmere where they make world famous
gingerbread with a very secret recipe.
Across from the gingerbread place,  was a gift shoppe selling jewelry from a local gal
who made sterling silver pieces with wee flowers. I fell for this
ring immediately! So pretty and I can wear it w everything.
The name of her company is Alvear ( cannot find her web site sorry!) 

**Mum and I found this great place called Heather Gems in Pitlochry Scotland.
 They make jewelry from heather stems. So pretty!!
We were lucky enough to shop at the little factory in its home town. I picked up a lovely
thistle brooch and a pretty bracelet that actually fits my tiny wrist and doesn't fall off.

**The scarf came the The Cat Gallery in York, where I got the ice cube tray .
AND! then of course I found these lovely hand warmers from Ness in Edinburgh.
The scarf  matched perfectly so I couldn't resist ;)

So, there you have it. Those are some of the gems I brought home w me.
I think I did pretty good ;)

Take care Pussycats!
Luv Weezi xo


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