Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Enjoying Halloween Again!


Normally I am not excited by Halloween.
Living downtown during Halloween meant nothing but
sad parades of young women in ridiculously ridiculous
"sexy" costumes, binge drinking that starts at 8:00am.
Fighting, screaming, vandalism and everything BUT a 
fun and spooky Halloween celebration.
I always preyed for rain & snow and locked the door.
The Halloween equivalent of "Bah Humbug".

Now however...we live in a lovely neighbourhood where Halloween will be fun!
I can't wait! I am super excited to have kids come to the door,
and check out all their costumes and hear the delightful 
calls of  "Trick or Treat"!

I  have been getting right into the swing of things
over here with a few decorations and even did up a Halloween mantle :)
This is what I have been up to....

I wanted a sort of vintage feel for my Halloween  mantel ( no big shocker there!)
After purooozing some discount & thrift shoppes I decided it would have
a sort of Edwardian meets Edgar Allan Poe feel to it.

Just about everything I have used came from the thrift store.
I found the girl statue & spray painted her black.
The frames and all the glassware came from the 2nd hand shoppes too.
I printed off the photo of the gal and put her in the bottle.
It was a bit tricky but w some tweezers & a bit of swearing I
manged to get her situated in there ok ;)

I was out shopping w my Mum last week and it took me forever to 
find tiny little black spiders. Who knew!? 
I thought they would be super easy to find but not so.
Anyhow...I managed to find a bag full of them and may have
gone a wee bit over board in the spider department ;)
I was originally going to use black candles but in the end stayed
with the cream bc you couldn't really see the black against 
our purple walls.

I was also very happy w my acquisition of little rubber mice and tiny skulls.
I think they added a nice creepy touch to top it all off :)

The headless lady was the final and last perfect touch :)
(who knew I would find a headless lady at rummage sale
for 50 cents 3 days before Halloween?? Amazing!)

I also printed and cut out a few extra bats & witches that I strategically placed
in the plants around the living room :)

LUV these fabulous black mice cutouts!
( they may get little Santa hats for Christmas ;)

And lastly....I had to have at least one creepy thing on the front porch...

The dead Mums are the perfect finishing touch ;)

Happy 4 days before Halloween everyone!
Chat soon, luv Weezi xo

Friday, October 10, 2014

Washing a Vintage Doily


I luv doilies. Yep! They are pretty, they are functional
and they never went out of style at my house :)

According to Wikipedia:
Doiley was a 17th-century London draperwho made popular
 "a woolen stuff, 'at once cheap and genteel,' introduced 
for summer wear in the latter part of the 17th c. At the time, it was 
used as an adjective, as in "doily stuffs" or "doily suit." Later, usage 
shifted to refer to "a small ornamental napkin used at 
dessert," known as a "doily-napkin.
They really can save your surfaces and help to control & collect dust, crumbs etc.
Helps that I enjoy a sort of cottage/granny look as well.
I guess the whole doily idea doesn't do well in a modern 
minimalist home ;)

Eventually they need to be washed bc after all, their
function is to get dirty. This poor doily did its job and then some!
I had it in the front window at the old apartment and it was a mess.

We used to live on a very busy street w really bad windows so there was dust
and dirt everywhere. I didn't know if it would come clean or not.

I mixed together a small amount of Biz & hot water  and let it soak for 2 days
changing the water periodically.
I didn't add oxy-clean bc I wasn't sure if it would take out some of the colour.
I find BIZ safe to use on vintage linens & things but
unfortunately we can't get BIZ here in Canada so I load up
when we go across the border. If you can't get your hands on some Biz then I would
suggest Borax and Woolite.

Once it was done soaking I rinsed and squeezed thoroughly but carefully so
not to stretch it out.  I rolled it up in a towel a few times to remove
 the excess water and laid it flat to dry.

It came out really nice! I am really pleased that
all that dirt and grime was washed away.

Ok, off to the next task at hand...washing and soaking my winter
 coat and getting all our woollies ready for the "looming" winter ;)

Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo

Saturday, October 04, 2014

New Packaging


It has been a busy and messy day over here in 
the Weezi studio today.
I have been busy getting things organized to take over
to the Bag Lady in a week or so.

It is time to freshen up my packaging and give
my presentation a new look.
I have been mulling some ideas over and
this is what I have decided to go forward with :)

I have been collecting bits and pieces of things that I have found
while thrifting and second hand shopping w my Mum
over the summer. I knew they would all come in handy
but I wasn't sure how I would put everything together
until now. Some days being a bit of a pack rat pays off ;)

better get back at it!
Chat soon!! Luv Weezi xo

Thursday, October 02, 2014

High Tea with Mum

Last Thursday my Mum and I went out for
high tea to celebrate our trip to the UK one year ago.
We went on a bus trip to the UK together last year for 
2 weeks and Sept. 25th was the day we came home.
We had the trip of a lifetime but never had
the chance to enjoy high tea.
Horrible to be in England and not have high tea but
we really just didn't get a chance to try it.
So, my Mum decided why not here???

We went to Dishington's Tearoom in Lambeth and it was
delightful! It is a quaint little place with a fabulous lunch 
menu and many teas to choose from.
If you are looking for high tea, best to make a reservation as
they are quite busy most afternoons.

We had our choice of tea but the "menu" of little sandwiches
and treats is set for you. Everything is handmade there.
You each get a wee pot of tea with a pretty little cosy.

Lovely little sandwiches with cucumber & cream cheese, 
egg salad & roasted red pepper cream cheese all crustless
of course!
Next are little tarts and treats with berries and lastly 
homemade scones with fresh cream and jam.
If you are a fan and want to have a British "fix"
I highly recommend :)

After tea we scooted up the road to Canadale's Nursery near St. Thomas.
You know....just "to look" Hahahah!! Does anyone ever just go and
look in a nursery??? No. Can't be done ;)
Everything was stunning! 

I heard a rumor once that it is bad luck to go to a nursery 
and leave empty handed so being one to always avoid bad
luck, I bought two plants.
I wasn't taking any chances ;) hahahah!
I bought a hardy Hibiscus and a long blooming Hydrangea.
Can't wait to see what both will do next spring!!

It was a great day! Fun to reminisce about our trip
and wonderful to support two local businesses.
Can't ask for more then that on a gorgeous September afternoon :)

Chat Soon!! Luv Weezi xo

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Cleaning Note Book

Making a Note Book to get Organized for Fall Cleaning
( Code for: A Good Way to Use Up Craft Supplies so I Can Buy More ;)


Little known fact about me I LUV lists.
I mean, I super duper triple luv lists.
I make loads of to-do lists and the only thing I like
more then starting a new list, is compiling my many lists.
Nothing makes me happier that crossing off 
even the smallest task on my to-do list.
Daily lists keep me on track and help me  stay well sorted.

Having said that, it should be no surprise that another
one of my guilty pleasures is making binders
or notebooks to compile my many lists.
Ya, I am a bit compulsive that way ;)

Over the weekend I made my Fall Cleaning note book.
I thought I would share w you bc it is easy and fun and
an organized gal can never have too many notebooks.

Please note: I have a binder machine as used to make many
recycled notebooks in my old shoppe. I realize that having a
binding machine is the exception. I checked around and
many print & copy places will bind a note book for you.
In Canada Staples offers it for sure and many Mom & Pop
places do too.
You could also use binder rings and do something like this:

All you need is a three hole punch and you are good to go :)

One of my other obsessions is Britain and just about 
everything British. That is a topic for another day
 but suffice to say it is again no big surprise
that I picked up an LP w double decker buses to use as my cover.
Recycling old LP album covers is a fun,
cheap and relatively sturdy way to make a very 
interesting cover for your note books.

Ok! Here we go.....

I tried to use whatever paper and supplies I already
 had on hand to keep it a wee bit cheaper and I really
do need to use up some of my decorative paper.
You see, once I use up what I have....I get to buy more :)
Let's face it, that is the cycle of life!
However, it starts to look bad and mildly obsessive 
if you ( I )  keep buying decorative paper
and never actually use any of it.
This also stands true for yarn, fabric and 
most crafty bits in general.
Best to look like you are indeed making your way
thru your stash and not just adding to it.
Easier to defend future purchases that way :)

I cut the album cover to fit the paper and also made dividers
with my decorative paper for my daily, weekly etc. sections.
I have daily, weekly & monthly/seasonal cleaning chart 
print outs that I had found and printed off from various 
online sources. Very handy and saved me loads of time.

I like to use blank pink printer paper in many of my notebooks 
( prettier then just plain white, I think)
so I added some of that for making notes and taping in
cut outs, articles from magazines etc.

The back section was a mish mash of other online 
resources and tips that I have printed out of the
past few weeks. Sort of like a very small reference library.

I added a file folder to the front so I clip on a monthly calender
that I can replace month to month.
This way I have little reminders and notes right at the front.

Ta-da! Everything is in order!
I am very happy with how it turned out.
And you know I will be very happy to cross
"make cleaning note book" off my list ;)

Unfortunately, the fun crafty bit
is over and now the hard part of actually buckling
down and getting all the cleaning done is in order.
Wish me luck!!

Give it a go for yourself esp. if you as a fan
of making lists and note books as I am :)

Chat Soon! Luv Weezi xo

Monday, August 11, 2014

New Weezi Apron Design

Hellllu !!

I haven't done much sewing since we moved in April.
Since we moved I have been focused on getting unpacked, 
organized & trying to figure out what my Plan B will be. 
It has been a fun time but also a bit confusing and overwhelming..
All of a sudden I am starting from scratch again.
The schedule & routine that I have been following
for the past 7 years had suddenly disappeared.
Daunting to say the least!

The good news is that for the first time since we moved I
 felt the need this weekend to make something. Hallelujah!!
I have to admit I was relieved to feel that old familiar urge.
Not that I thought I would ever sew again but my confidence 
took a bit of a blow when I had to close the Weezi studio and I 
wasn't sure what direction I was heading into per say.
I was/am in an unexpected "funk" and a having a small
crisis of confidence. I don't deal well w change ;)

A few weeks ago I had picked up some gorgeous cottons to help
inspire my creativity and after admiring these lovely pieces of fabric
for awhile, I thankfully had the need to make up some aprons.
( fellow fabric lovers will understand the great pleasure the comes
 from just looking at & feeling gorgeous quality fabrics ;)

Finally! I was ready to get something brewing! New house, new studio 
and new direction meant I also needed a new design to sew up!
It isn't rocket science I know, but I wanted to make up 
some aprons that had a different look. 

I decided that I wanted my new apron to have some more fullness and look a bit
 more feminine then what I had been making before.
I was happy with the first try overall except that I didn't like that the bib didn't
reach all around to the back. I also thought the bib was a bit too wide.
Other then that...It was looking good :)

I just needed to make a couple few revisions & adjustments, add the band to the hem
and it was done. I am very happy with it and can't wait to get a bunch sewn up
and listed. Hurrah for inspiration!

Thanx for popping in!!
Chat soon, Luv Weezi xo

Friday, August 08, 2014

Recycle Outdoor Table Cloth into Pillow Cover

Hellluuuu Darlings!
Today I am going to show you how to make
a quick water resistant outdoor cushion cover
 from a plastic table cloth.
It is super easy and a great project for beginners
and pros alike. And, the best part is that it's a quick 
sewing project so you get to see results fast :)

Let's get started!

I found this fabulous vintage wicker chair last week
during yet another thrift store bonanza  :)
( I am having great luck w wicker furniture this summer!)

It needs two things...a pillow and a side table.
The pillow was easiest to remedy.

1. I thrifted a pillow and a pretty floral outdoor
tablecloth from the Salvation Army for a total of $4.00 :)

2. I got this particular tablecloth to use bc it has the fuzzy back. 
Sewing with vinyl or plastic of any kind can make you
crazy!! It sticks, it has no give and will turn into a 
horrible mess in an instant. I avoid it as much as possible.
This plastic w the fuzzy back however is a dream.
Just be sure to use a large stitch length. If you use a small 
stitch length the stitches will be too close together and your seams
will rip like perforated paper.

3. I cut out two pieces of tablecloth allowing for about 
4" of wiggle room and seam allowance all the way around the pillow.

4. I took one of those two pieces and folded it in half
and made sure it covered 3/4 of the pillow.

5. You have two pieces: A. will for the front and B. will be the back.

6. Take piece B and fold it in half like in #4 but this time cut that piece in half.

7. Now you have 3 pieces :)

8. Fold under about an inch or so of one of your back pieces
and stitch the edge down.
This will be the front or top of the back of your pillow.

( Note: This isn't totally necessary bc this fabric doesn't fray.
Chances are you aren't going to wash it so you can leave the
edge raw and unturned if you like. I just am a bit of a neat freak
when it comes to edges and like everything to be tidy. I realize most
likely no one is going to look under my pillow and judge whether
or not I turned under the edge...but I will know ;)

9. Place the top of your pillow cover back with the edge you just 
 stitched over the other half or bottom of your back pillow.

10. I gave myself a 4" overlap when I placed the folded top
over the bottom. This gives a nice opening in the back, 
will still overlap well and keep the pillow from being exposed.

11. Pin the edges down at the side. You can baste these sides
together now or just pin and it will get sewn when you sew
the front to back around the edge of the pillow cover.
 If you leave the pins in keep the heads of the pins
out to the edge. This way you won't forget and 
accidentally cut the pins when trimming. I can't tell you how
 many pairs of scissors I have wrecked by cutting into pins.

12. Place your two pinned back pieces over the front piece.
Measure your pillow and then mark out your stitching lines.
My pillow as 17" x 19" and I added a 1/2" seam allowance.

13. & 14. Stitch w a larger stitch length and trim away the excess.
Clip your corners but not too close.
In general, one thing you can do is use a slightly smaller stitch length when
stitching around the corners to help make it a bit easier when 
poking out your corners. Many times I have poked my
"pointy-corner-thingy" right out the other side. Not good.
A smaller stitch length will help keep whatever you use for corners
inside ;) I used a very dull pencil on this pillow cover.

15. Turn it right side out and Voila! An easy opening in the back.

16. All finished :)

Looks Great!! All I need now is to find a sweet little table to go
beside it ...which means more thrift store shopping ;)

Happy Sewing!!
Chat soon, luv Weezi xo


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